It’s been a little while since I let you know what I’ve been working on here, so here’s the scoop.

The short version is that it’s mostly been Codex of Worlds preparation and stretch goal material. The book has been printed and shipped—my own copies haven’t arrived yet but I’ve seen posts from several people who have received theirs. The stretch goal material all been written and edited and is in the pipeline to its final release. For those waiting for the retail release, that’s 21 August so not much longer.

I also had a trip to Europe over June and July, which included the chance to meet up with my Codex co-author Marek in Warsaw. It was wonderful to spend some time in person, after working together over the internet for a few years! I also was to meet Daniel Vázquez, who published the brand new Czech edition of Monster of the Week. Thanks to Marek and Daniel for taking the long and very long train trips to meet me in Warsaw!

Back at the Generic Games office, I’m now looking at the other projects that I have to finish up. Those are (in the current “order of priority for my working on them”):

  • A transhuman, high tech space opera game, mostly inspired by Iain M Banks’ Culture stories.
  • Glorious, my Napoleonic naval adventure game.
  • XGE13, the scientists-lost-in-space game.
  • OBEY THE GM!, a small game experimenting with some ideas subverting the usual sorts of player roles.

At this stage, I’m working on a decent playtestable draft of the space opera game. So far I’ve had a single session play test that worked okay, so now looking to extend that enough that we can play a decent story. Glorious and XGE13 are both mostly there but need polish. OBEY THE GM! is about half done, and as it will be a mini-game it’s the one you’re most likely to see first.

I’m also going to be running some Monster of the Week at a mini-con here in Wellington on 2 September. If you’re local, check out Roll For Hope and come along if you can!