Heavy Metal Aeons

Heavy metal inspired science-fantasy adventures. It’s intended to provide one-shot science-fantasy adventures that feel like an epic metal song. Structured quests, lots of level ups along the way, and lots of ways to make your actions awesome.

Character archetypes inside: astronaut, beastmaster, berserker, champion, dog of war, mystic cat, psychic veteran, revenger, road warrior, sapient weapon, skald, skinchanger, spirit talker, sorcerer, star trooper, trollkiller, witch, wizard.

Premade quests included:

  • Vengeance on the Altairites
  • Galactric Invasion 1999
  • Empire of Slavery
  • Chronostorm
  • Spears Against the Ice Mother
  • Mutant Wasteland
  • Dragon Planet

Currently in early access. You can get into the early access at itch.io or drivethruRPG. The game is complete and ready to play, but the challenge levels likely still need some tweaks.

Illustrated by Juan Ochoa. Here’s the Astronaut, trying to work out what filthy planet he’s washed up on.

The Astronaut

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The Playlist

Music that inspired this game can be found here.