Tome of Mysteries

The Tome of Mysteries is a supplement for Monster of the Week, packed with new rules, advice, and most of all mysteries.

  • Eight new alternative Weird Moves that go beyond Use Magic.
  • Four new Hunter playbooks: The Gumshoe (an occult aware private detective), the Hex (a witch who embraces the temptations of black magic), the Searcher (an investigator of hidden truths), and the Pararomantic (a lover of a monster).
  • Support for weird phenomena type Mysteries like those found in Fringe or The X-Files.
  • Tips and techniques used by experienced Keepers.
  • 29 fully detailed mysteries ready to drop into your game, from authors all over the world and including a range of styles and monsters.

It’s currently available from Evil Hat Productions, your local game store, or PDF from drivethruRPG.

Reviews & Info


p35, Gumshoe’s gear. The main instructions say two recording devices, but the list header says “pick one.” The main instructions are correct, it is two.

p52, Searcher First Encounter. Repeated sentence - ignore the last sentence in the first paragraph: “Then pick a category below and take the associated move:”